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Elisabeth Reuter: Portrait Sarah Nemtsov(2011) Elisabeth Naomi Reuter: Portrait Sarah Nemtsov (2011)


„ ... for I am never in the present. We always meet each other, ourselves while absent. If you speak of yourself, you speak of someone who is absent. Never will you be able to give him all the reality you want to give him. And the same is true of words: they always struggle with the absence of the word, with that which they cannot say. It is absence that renders words audible and visible, the large white interstices of silence between words without which words would be invisible.“

Edmond Jabčs, in: The Writing of the Desert
(translated by C. A. Wollin)

Sarah Nemtsov photo Sarah Nemtsov © Rut Sigurdardóttir (2013)

With kindly permission by the artist Elisabeth Naomi Reuter several of her paintings were used for this website.

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