for ensemble with electronics

 amplified imagination, drummed variation, implicated amplification (2014)
for solo instruments with electronics

white eyes erased (2014/2015)
for keyboard and drum set

“This music is beautifully raw, gritty, and it cascades with a chaotic energy that traverses in a landscape spinning like a kaleidoscope on high speed with your eyes firmly glued to it. An addictive ride.” (Tempo; Cambridge Bd. 73, Ausg. 287,  Jan 2019: 113)

Ensemble Adapter
Sonar Quartet
ensemble mosaik

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beyond its simple space (2018)
for harpsichord solo and baroque orchestra with objects and electronics

 running. out of tune (2013)
for two harpsichords and electronics

Finnish baroque orchestra
Petteri Pitko
(harpsichord, “beyond” & “running”)
Marianna Henriksson
(harpsichord, “running”)

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for 5 instruments and electronics

Ensemble LUX:NM – Luxus
Longlist Jahrespreis 2017 der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

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A LONG WAY AWAY. Passagen (2010-2011)
for Ensemble

HOQUETI (2011)
for six solo voices with additional instruments

Ensemble Adapter & guests
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Daniel Gloger
Manuel Nawri

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Briefe-Heloisa (2012)
for shawm solo and accordion solo

Archipel Machaut
Medieval Music & New Music
Mixtura: Katharina Bäuml
Margit Kern

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Zwanzig Skizzen
for piano solo

Jascha Nemtsov

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