in progress: WIR (2022-2024)
opera in 5 acts for 9 voices, choir, orchestra, instrumental soloists, electronics, ai and video – libretto after Evgenij Zamyatin’s novel “WIR”
WP: March 2026, Opera Dortmund
Duration: 90′-100′

OPHELIA (2020-2022)
opera in 12 images for 12 solo voices, choir, orchestra and electronics – libretto (after Shakespeare) by Mirko Bonné
WP: May 13th, 2023, Saarländisches Staatstheater
Duration: ca. 135′

verflucht (2019)
miniature opera – monologue for soprano and ensemble with amplification and effects (oboe, trumpet, guitar, cello, contrabass, piano and percussion) – text by Gerhild Steinbuch
WP: 24.9.2019, Taschenopernfestival Salzburg – with Tehila Nini Goldstein (soprano), Österreichische Ensemble für neue Musik (ÖENM), Peter Rundel (conductor) and Thierry Brühl (director)
Duration: 20′
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Opera in 4 Acts – for 5 singers, 3 actors, 5 instrumentalists (electric guitar, keyboard, harp, piano, drumset), orchestra ( guit/keyboard/pno/harp/3 perc/, electronics, tape, video and a silent choir
WP: 5.3.2017, Opera Halle – libretto: Dirk Laucke, stage direction: Florian Lutz, stage design (Raumbuehne Heterotopia): Sebastian Hannak, costumes: Mechthild Feuerstein, dramaturgy: Michael von zur Mühlen, conductor: Michael Wendeberg;
with: Marie Friederike Schöder, Tehila Nini Goldstein, singers and actors of the Opera Halle, Staatskapelle Halle, Ernst Surberg (keyboard), Seth Josel (e guitar), Matthias Erb (sound design) etc.
Duration: ca. 120′
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ALT (2015)
pocket opera for counter tenor, actor and amplified ensemble with electronics (baritone saxophone, double bass, drumset and prepared piano with keyboard) – words by James Joyce
WP: 16.9.2015, Salzburg – Taschenopernfestival Sirenes – director: Kristof Georgen [production title: DEFEKT]; dramaturgy: Hans-Peter Jahn; with: Bernhard Landauer, Thomas Hupfer and the Österreichische Ensemble für Neue Musik (ÖENM)
Duration: 27′

L’ABSENCE (2006-2008)
opera in five acts (with prologue and epilogue) after „Le Livre des Questions“ [Book of Questions] by Edmond Jabès for 12 singers, speaker, a female dancer and orchestra
WP: 3.5.2012 – Münchener Biennale – stage director: Jasmin Solfaghari, stage design: Etienne Pluss; costumes: Florence von Gerkan a.o. with Tehila Nini Goldstein, Assaf Levitin, Bernhard Landauer, Peter Pruchniewitz; Bundesjugendorchester; conductor: Rüdiger Bohn
Peermusic Classical Hamburg
Duration: 100′

New Version Herzland (2005/2009)
chamber opera in five acts with excerpts from the correspondence Paul Celan – Gisèle Celan-Lestrange for 2 voices (mezzosoprano and baritone) and chamber orchestra
WP: 24.11.2009 Hubert-Burda-Saal, Munich;
Claudia van Hasselt – Gisèle, Christian Palm – Paul, orchestra Jakobsplatz, conductor: Daniel Grossmann, director: Lotte Greschik
Duration: 30′
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Herzland (2005)
chamber opera in five acts with excerpts from the correspondence Paul Celan – Gisèle Celan-Lestrange for 2 voices (mezzosoprano and baritone) and four instruments (flute, clarinet, viola and accordion)
WP: 20.1.2006 „Alte Zeche“ Barsinghausen (near Hanover) and 21.1.2006 Schauspielhaus Hanover;
Claudia van Hasselt – Gisèle, Adrian Brunner – Paul, Ursula Pichler, flute, Ricarda Kindt, clarinet, Jessica Rona, viola, Mateja Zenzerovic, accordion,
conductor: Benjamin Lang, direction: Katrin Beushausen
Duration: 30′

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