Mondaphorismen [moon aphorisms] (2000)
for flute (piccolo) and piano
WP: March 2001, Hochschule for Music Frankfurt; Nadine Strotzer, flute
WP of the revised version: June 2001, Hochschule for Music and Theatre Hanover; Henrike Wassermeyer, flute, Iris Richter, piano
Duration: 12′

Gegenwege (2000)
for saxophone, cello, piano and percussion
WP: 3.12.2000, Days of Contemporary Chamber Music Braunschweig
Duration: 10′

Konflikte [conflicts] (1999)
for horn and piano
WP: January 2000, Braunschweig; Anne Pasemann, horn and Hans-Dieter Meyer-Moortgat, piano
Duration: 5′

Drei Märchenbilder  (1999)
for clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone and piano
Duration: 15′

Aspekte II (1999)
for clarinet, viola and piano
WP: 23.5.1999, Opera House Halle; Anja Bartz, clarinet, Oliver Tepe, viola, Albrecht Hartmann, piano
Duration: 8′

Aspekte [aspects] (1998)
for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
WP: August 1999, Schloss Weikersheim; Florian Stubenvoll, clarinet, Jessica Hartlieb, violin, Erik Borgir, cello, Tobias Hartlieb, piano
Duration: 5′

Le petit but [little aim] (1998)
for orchestra
WP/public rehearsal: 16.11.1999, Hanover; Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester [orchestra of the State Opera Hanover], conductor: Hans Urbanek
Duration: 13′

Fünf Stücke [Five Pieces] (1997)
for wind quintet with choreography after lyrics by Paul Celan
WP: December 1997, Oldenburg; Accopiato Quintet, performances (amongst others) at the Expo 2000, the Braunschweig Classix Festival 2001;
1999 Recording at the NDR – North German Broadcasting Hamburg
Duration: 17′

Drei Fragmente [three fragments]
(1997) for String Quartet
WP: August 1998, Schloss Weikersheim; Minguet Quartet
Duration: 5′

Liebe blaue graue Nacht [Dear blue grey night] (1997)
for 3 violins, viola, 2 violoncelli after words by Wolfgang Borchert
WP: 16.10.1997, Days of Women Culture Oldenburg; chamber ensemble of the Carl-von-Ossietzky-University Oldenburg
Duration: 15′

bells and beats (1996)
for flute, bassoon, piano and percussion
WP: August 1997, Schloss Weikersheim; Kersten McCall, flute, Johannes Rupe, bassoon, Mirjam von Kirschten, piano, Markus Verna, percussion
Duration: 5′

Concerto for violin and orchestra (1996)
WP: 16.6.1997, Oldenburg; Youth Orchestra Oldenburg, Barbara Martyna-Lauerwald, violin, conductor: Jürgen Weisser
Duration: 25′

Retrospektiv (1996)
for recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, cello, piano and percussion
WP: 26.11.1996, Oldenburg, concert series „trëma-innen“; Oh-Tone-Ensemble, conductor: Alain Franco
Duration: 8′

Herbstgasse [autumn lane] (1995)
for recorder, oboe, violin and bassoon
WP: February 1996, Liebfrauen School Oldenburg
Duration: 3′

Wenn der Morgen… [when the morning…] (1995)
for violoncello and piano
WP: April 1996, Schloss Weikersheim; members of the Franz-Liszt-Trio Weimar
Duration: 4′

Wendepunkt [turning point] (1995)
for orchestra
WP: 21.11.1996, St. Peter Church Oldenburg; Orchestra of the Liebfrauen School Oldenburg, conductor: Matthias Kroll
Duration: 12′

Osse schalom [He who makes peace…] (1995)
for soprano, alto and tenor
WP: July 1995, choir Mateh Asher (Israel)
Duration: 2′

Laila tow [Good night] (1995)
for piano solo
WP: July 1995, Gesher Haziv (Israel); Sarah Reuter (mar. Nemtsov), piano
Duration: 2′

Der Nachtwald [night forest] (1995)
for soprano, cello and piano
WP: International Composers Competition for Contemporary Music Delmenhorst 1995
Duration: 2′

Die Innenwelt der Außenwelt der Innenwelt… (1994)
for piano solo
WP: April 1995, Schloss Weikersheim; Günther Habsfeld, piano
Duration: 4′




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