in progress: Ma’alot (2023/2024)
for large ensemble and electronics (
WP: 29.6.2024, WDR Köln; Ensemble Musikfabrik
Duration: ca. 20′

NUN V (2024)
for piccolo flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, sample keyboard and percussion with electronics
WP: 18.12.2024, Cologne; Ensemble Handwerk
Duration: ca. 12′

[if] (2023)
for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello and prepared piano
WP: 30.12.2023, Tel Aviv; Ensemble Meitar, Pierre-André Valade
Duration: ca. 13′

CHESED (2022)
for oboe d’amore, e violin, contrabass, tuba, percussion minimoog, objects and electronics
WP: 20.11.2022, Festival w e i t – Weingarten; Ensemble Musikfabrik
Duration: ca. 19′

Sacrifice. Suite (2016/2022)
for large ensemble (19 instruments: perc/hrp/e guitar/keyboard/pno/ strings) and electronics – based on the opera SACRIFICE (2016)
WP: 12.12.2022, Konzerthaus Wien; Klangforum Wien
Duration: ca. 33′
excerpt (audio)

Legend of a Stream (2021)
for amplified quintet (bass flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello and sample keyboard) with assitant (slide show) – text bySaar Yachin
WP: 16.9.2021, Cologne; ensemble Meitar and ensemble Handwerk
Duration: ca. 12′

KETER (2020)
for amplified bass clarinet, viola, cello, detuned harp, prepared piano and electronics
WP: 13.2.2021, Berlin postponed due to Covid – 13.1.2024, Paris; Ensemble Intercontemporain
Duration: ca. 18′

Scherzo (2020)
for ensemble / chamber orchestra (fl, ob, cl, horn, trombone, e guitar, keyboard, drum set, strings)
WP: 7.10.2020, Philharmonie Cologne; Stargaze ensemble – postponed due to Covid-19
Duration: ca. 8′

MOOS (2019/2020)
for ensemble with electronics (13 musicians: bass fl, cor anglais, bass cl, tromb, tb, vl, vla, vlc, cb, e guitar, harp, pno, perc)
WP: 10.2.2020, Konzerthaus Wien; Klangforum Wien
Duration: ca. 20′

skotom.orchesterstueck (2019)
for ensemble and electronics (amplified oboe, trumpet, horn, e guitar, keyboard, drumset and three assistants with electronic effect devices)
WP: 2.11.2019, Festival Wien modern; Black Page orchestra
Duration: ca. 13′

NUN (2019)
for 10 musicians (ob, cl, sax, vl., vla, vlc, pno, perc, cond, assistant) and electronics
WP: 22.05.2019, Berlin; ensemble mosaik
Duration: ca. 24′

beyond its simple space (2018)
for harpsichord solo and baroque ensemble/orchestra (flute, bassoon, strings) – with electronics and objects
WP: 8.07.2018, Festival Time of Music Finland; Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) and Petteri Pitko
Duration: ca. 21′

Briefe für A.G. (2015)
for 11 strings (5 vl, 2 vla, 3 vlc, 1 cb) and harpsichord – in four groups
part of the project 4 ROOMS with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop
WP: 10.04.2015, Radialsystem V Berlin; Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop
Duration: 11′

White wide eyes (2014)
for 23 instruments, electronics, projection
WP: 22.01.2015, Festival Ultraschall Berlin; Ensemblekollektiv Berlin
Duration: 22′

Zimmer I-III (2013)
for 8 musicians: „Zimmer I“ for (amplified and out of tune) harp and kaoss pad, „Zimmer II“ for (amplified) bass flute and bass clarinet (with laptops), „Zimmer III“ for (amplified) string quartet
WP: 08.10.2013, Sibelius Akademie Helsinki; Ensemble Adapter and Asasello Quartet
Duration: 17′

Nachtstück, Porzellan (2012)
for pipa, sheng and ensemble (bassoon, horn, violin, cello, contrabass, piano)
WP: 03.08.2012, Freden Music Days; Ya Dong, Wu Wei, Camerata Freden
Duration: 16′

Luftmacumba / Rio (2011)
for percussion solo, bass flute, violine, cello, contrabass, harp, prepared piano and 2 assistents (ad lib.)
Number VI of „A LONG WAY AWAY. Passages“ (2010-2011) – staged cycle for ensemble
WP: 26.01.2012, Berlin, Festival Ultraschall; ensemble Adapter, conductor: Manuel Nawri, stage direction/design: Anna Peschke
Peermusic Classical Hamburg
Duration: 11′

A long way away (2011)
for ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, contrabass, amplified harpsichord, prepared piano, percussion and assistent)
Number IV of „A LONG WAY AWAY. Passages“ (2010-2011) – staged cycle for ensemble
WP: 26.01.2012, Berlin, Festival Ultraschall; ensemble Adapter, conductor: Manuel Nawri, stage direction/design: Anna Peschke
Peermusic Classical Hamburg
Duration: 15′
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ECHOS (2011)
for 5 Soloists (clarinet, violin, cello, bass, piano with harmonium), string quartet and soprano – with 12 poems by Mirko Bonné
WP: 13.11.2011, Zeitkunst-Festival Berlin; Chen Halevi, David Frühwirth, Julian Arp, Winfried Holzenkamp, Caspar Frantz, Tehila Nini Goldstein and others; conductor: Renaud Déjardin; stage director, video: Lotte Greschik
Duration: 27′

Landscapes / Desert (2010)
for clarinet, cello, harp, harpsichord and percussion
Number VII of „A LONG WAY AWAY. Passages“ (2010-2011) – staged cycle for ensemble
WP: 16.03.2011, Munich, Klangspuren plus
Peermusic Classical Hamburg
Duration: 16′
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Verlassene Orte / Berlin (2010)
for ensemble (alto flute, bass clarinet, harp, prepared piano and percussion)
Number I of „A LONG WAY AWAY. Passages“(2010-2011) – staged cycle for ensemble
WP: 01.06.2010, Tel Aviv; Ensemble Adapter, conductor: Manuel Nawri
Peermusic Classical Hamburg
Duration: 11′

Interludien (2006)
for ensemble (clarinet, trumpet, horn, viola, cello, contrabass, percussion, piano and electric guitar) with obligatory oboe and electronics
WP: 04.02.2007, Hochschule for Music „Hanns Eisler“ Berlin; Ensemble „Klangexekutive”, conductor: Titus Engel
Duration: 15′

Communication – lost – found (2006)
for ensemble (flute, clarinet, trumpet, 2 violins, 2 celli, harp, guitar, accordion, piano and percussion)
WP: 06.05.2006, „Neukoellner Originaltoene“ Berlin; Ensemble Experimente, conductor: Gerhard Scherer
WP of the complete version: 22.07.2006, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, ISCM World New Music Festival; Ensemble Modern Akademie, conductor: Manuel Nawri
Edition Nova Vita Berlin
Duration: 27′
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…beredtes Schweigen (2005)
for ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, percussion and piano)
WP: 17.04.2016, Berlin, modern art ensemble
Duration: 11′


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