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HELM AUF (2015)
Ensemble Adapter (bass- and piccolo flute, contrabass clarinet, cello, harp, percussion, electronic and objects) and Finn-Ole Heinrich – LiveMusicAudioBook for people aged ten and above
UA: 30.4.2015, ExRotaprint Berlin; Ensemble Adapter und Finn-Ole Heinrich
Duration: 30′
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Since 2013 – many pieces inlude electronics – live electronics, effect processors or tape compositions – some examples:

Amplified imagination (2014)
for flute and electronics (- extension a for “ZIMMER I-III”)
WP: 7.8.2014, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik; Kristjana Helgarsdóttir and N.N.
Duration: 9′

Amplified audio (2014)
electronic composition
Duration: 5′

Drummed variation (2014)
for no drumset and kaoss pad (- extension b for “ZIMMER I-III”)
WP: 7.8.2014, Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik; Matthias Engler and Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir
Duration: 10′

Implicated amplification (2014)
for bass clarinet with electronics (three effect pedals and amplification (- extension c for “ZIMMER I-III”)
WP: 25.6.2014, Turley Baracks Mannheim, theatre project by Anna Peschke; Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, Bassklarinette
Duration: 12′

Brief.Kasten (2014)
for viola, trombone and electronics (may be played simultaneously with “Briefe.Puppen”)
WP: 18.3.2014, MaerzMusik Berlin; Ensemble SCENATET
Duration: 10-17′

Briefe.Remix.Puls (2013)
electronic composition
Duration: 13′

Zimmer I (2013)
for (amplified and out of tune) harp and kaoss pad
WP: 8.10.2013, Helsinki; Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir and Matthias Engler
Duration: 17′

Running. out of tune. (2013)
for two harpsichords and electronics (transducer and tape)
UA: 26.10.2013, TAK Berlin; Petteri Pittko and Marianna Henriksson
Duration: 16′

3am. out of tune. zither (2013)
lo-fi electronic composition
Duration: 19′

Interludium (2007)
for oboe solo and electronics
Duration: 10′


3+x (2007)
collective composition together with Snezana Nesic and Yaeko Asano for tenor saxophone, contrabass, piano and percussion
WP: 15.11.2007, COMA Art gallery Berlin; Ensemble Adapter
Duration: 12′



How slow (2008)
2 Songs and epilogue for soprano, harp, double bass, percussion and a female dancer – lyrics by Emily Dickinson
WP: 17.12.2008, WABE Berlin; Ensemble „adapter“ with Manuel Nawri, conductor and Friederike Plafki, dance / choreographie
Duration: 12′
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Earlier Version of the first two songs: Not knowing (2007)
3 Songs for mezzosoprano, guitar, cello, percussion and a female dancer with lyrics by Emily Dickinson
Duration: 16′



4 ROOMS (2015):
Music by Mealli, Ligeti, Biber, Muffat, Barrière and Bach
WP: 10.4.2015, Radialsystem V Berlin; Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop



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