Wolfsgesänge (2019)
for cello solo with electronics
WP (excerpts): 15.2.2019, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Sonja Lena Schmid – WP (whole piece): July 2019, festival blurred edges, Hamburg
Duration: ca. 16′

red (2018)
for video and cello solo – performance or installation
WP: July 2019, Hamburg – Sonja Lena Schmid and Carola Schaal (video: David Campesino, dramaturgy: Heinrich Horwitz)
Duration: ca. 8′ >> Loop

[you] (2018)
for prepared piano solo – part V of the cycle “PHONEME” (2018) for 5 voices and 6 instruments
WP: 28.10.2018, Tel Aviv, Amit Dolberg
Duration: ca. 3′

Seven Thoughts – her kind (2018)
for keyboard solo (with amplified voice – 1 player, 49 keys sample keyboard)
WP: 14.4.2018, London, Gwenaelle Rouger
Duration: ca. 9′

FAN (2017)
for double bell trumpet solo with 3 fans, amplification and effect pedals
WP: 14.10.2017, Berlin, Callum G’Froerer
Duration: ca. 10′

Shadow Drums (2017)
for percussion solo (with voice, electronics, tape, objects and light)
WP: 19.1.2019, Berlin, Jonathan Shapiro
Duration: ca. 13′

SKOP (2016)
for (amplified) accordion solo with mouth organ and mirrors ad libitum
WP: 24.11.2016, Akkordeon Festival Hannover, Mateja Zenzerovic
Duration: ca. 13′

Briefe – Heloisa / Solo (2012/2016)
for accordion solo and electronics (special version of Briefe – Heloisa for shawms and accordion) [ca. 15’]
WP: 23.01.2016, Festival “Ultraschall Berlin”, Margit Kern
Duration: 15′

Passacaglia (2015)
for prepared piano solo
WP: 26.07.2015, Festival “Piano nobile” Passau, Frank Dupree
Duration: 9′- ad infinitum

for (speaking) percussionist
WP: 25.08.2014, Festival “Ankunft: Neue Musik” Hauptbahnhof Berlin, Michael Weilacher
Duration: 20′

Implicated amplification (2014)
for bass clarinet with electronics (three effect pedals and amplification – extension c for “ZIMMER I-III”)
WP: 25.06.2014, Turley Baracks Mannheim, theatre project by Anna Peschke; Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, Bassklarinette
Duration: 12′

IRA (2013)
for paetzoldbass recorder solo
WP: 06.09.2013, Festival “Ankunft: Neue Musik” Berlin, Susanne Fröhlich
Duration: 14′

TRANSIT (2013)
for prepared piano solo
WP: 31.08.2013, Kloster Volkenroda, Hansjacob Staemmler
Duration: open

Poker, Roulette (2012)
Music in 52 playing cards for one (or two-five) percussionist(s) solo – stage direction and actor ad libitum (music for actor: „Roulette, Skat“)
WP: 13.09.2012, Schwindelfrei-Festival Mannheim; Michael Weilacher, percussion, Jörn Hentschel, actor; stage/direction: Anna Peschke
Duration: 60′

Brief – Stimmung [letter – tuning] (2012)
for harpsichord solo
WP: 05.05.2012, Berlin; Petteri Pittko
Duration: 24′

Studies I-III (2011)
for percussion solo – I: tambourine, II: Tam-Tam, III: drumset
WP: Matthias Engler
Duration: 13′

SOL (2010)
for flute (or bass flute) solo
WP: 28.01.2012, Musikakademie Rheinsberg, Carine Levine
Duration: 5′

Lobgesang (2009)
after „De Lof-Zangh Marie“ by Jacob van Eyck for soprano recorder
WP: 21.10.2009, Oldenburg; Ulrike Volkhardt, recorder
Noten im Netz MOECK publishing house
Duration: 7′

À deux [with two] (2009)
for prepared harp solo
WP: 12. July 2009, Berlin; Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir, harp
Duration: 16′

For Walter Zimmermann (2009)
for piano solo
WP: 14. April 2009, Berlin; Heather O’Donnel, piano
Duration: 3′

Soutine: Paysage de Céret [Landscape of Céret] (2007)
for cello solo (with sporadically accordion ad libitum)
WP: 08.03.2011, Berlin; Hannes Reich and Kai Wangler’
Duration: 10′

Interludium (2007)
for oboe solo and electronics
WP: 23.06.2007, ZKM Karlsruhe, Festival „next generation“; Sarah Nemtsov, oboe
Duration: 10′

Inzwischen [in the meantime] (2002/2005)
for piano solo
WP: 08.09.2006, Zepernick (near Berlin), Festival „Randspiele“; Szymon Jakubowski, piano
Duration: 5′

Zwanzig Skizzen [Twenty Sketches] (2005)
for piano solo
WP: 21.06.2005, Concert and Theatre Hall of the Hochschule for Music and Theatre Hanover; Jascha Nemtsov, piano
Edition Nova Vita Berlin
Duration: 19′

Déliberation (2003)
for trumpet solo
WP: 3.02.2009, BKA Theatre Berlin; Paul Hübner, trumpet
Duration: 5′

Nigun II (2003)
for viola solo
WP: 21.06.2005, Concert and Theatre Hall of the Hochschule for Music and Theatre Hanover; Jessica Rona, viola
Edition Nova Vita Berlin
Duration: 8′

Nigun (1999)
for oboe solo
WP: 13.06.2000, Konzerthaus Berlin (live recording by the SFB – Berlin Broadcasting); Sarah Reuter (mar. Nemtsov), oboe
Edition Nova Vita Berlin
Duration: 6′



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