Herbst (2023)
for (mezzo) soprano and alto saxophone with electronics and objects – poem by Hilde Domin
Duration: ca. 6′
WP: tba

Machaut für Mathias (2022)
for mezzo soprano (alt) and violin
Duration: ca. 7′
WP: 13.7.2022, Liebfrauenschule Oldenburg, Verabschiedung Mathias Kroll; Wiebke Lehmkuhl and Jakow Pavlenko

ARIA (2021)
for soprano and electronics as an AR experience – collaborative work with Sebastian Hannak (scenography), prefrontal cortex (AR and technical implementation)
WP: 8.7.2021, Opera Halle and online; Tehila Nini Goldstein, voice and mimics (augmented reality) – live WP 7.5.2022, Festival Les Amplitudes Switzerland; Tehila Nini Goldstein
Duration: ca. 8′
experience (AR/VR/browser)
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excerpt (audio only)

Al ken nekaveh lecha (2021)
for chazzan (tenor or soprano) and piano (or organ) – liturgical composition
WP: online April 2021, Synagogue Pestalozzistr. Berlin; Chazzan Isidoro Abramovicz, Jascha Nemtsov; live WP 5.5.2022 Festival Les Amplitudes, Synagogue La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland; Tehila Nini Goldstein, Jascha Nemtsov
Duration: ca. 9′

heimwehgefiedert (2020)
8 songs for (mezzo) soprano, viola and piano – poems by Hilde Domin
WP: 29.10.2020, Villa Seligmann, Hanover; Tehila Nini Goldstein, Julia Rebekka Adler and Jascha Nemtsov
Duration: ca. 15′

PHONEME (2018)
Cycle for 5 voices (SATBB) and 6 instruments (bass fl., bass cl., bassoon, vl, cello, pno) – 7 movements and 4 transitions – [I] piano trio [II] soprano, alto, violin, cello [III] tenor, baritone, basso, winds [IV] ensemble (6 instruments) [V] piano solo [VI] 5 voices a capella [VII] Tutti – “4 Transitions” for 5 voices
WP: 28.10.2018, Tel Aviv, Israel; Project “Crossing borders” (Ensemble Meitar with Ofer Pelz and Omer Sheizaf); Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and Ensemble Meitar
Duration: ca. 35′
about Phoneme

[love(2)] (2018)
for 5 voices a capella – part VI of the cycle “PHONEME” (2018)
WP: 28.10.2018, Tel Aviv; Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Duration: ca. 7′

[your] (2018)
for 2 voices (SA), violin and cello – part II of the cycle “PHONEME” (2018)
UA: 28.10.2018, Tel Aviv; Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Dauer: ca. 5′

Osse (2018)
open setting (5 voices->choir and 7 instruments->orchestra – amateurs/students/children’s ensemble)
WP: 10.11.2018, “Erinnerungsgang” Oldenburg – school’s choir and orchestra Liebfrauenschule Oldenburg with Mathias Kroll
Duration: ca. 8′

dream of a cab (2017)
for (mezzo) soprano, soprano saxofone, accordion, amplification and tape
WP: 22.9.2017, Ackerstadtpalast Berlin; “taxi music” (production “FrauVonDa” – Lotte Greschik and Claudia van Hasselt); Claudia van Hasselt, soprano,  Ruth Velten and Silke Lange (Ensemble Lux:NM)
Duration: ca. 12′

Or. Towards (2016)
for 6 voices, 6 instrumentalists, objects and light
WP: 23.5.2016, Madrid [ES]; Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Trio Arbós, Ensemble Neopercusión, conductor: Nacho de Paz, light objects: Ladislav Zajac
Duration: 18′

Träne (2016)
for (mezzo-)soprano with 4 gongs – after a poem by Paul Celan
WP: Claudia van Hasselt
Duration: 5′

ASHREI (2015)
for baritone (chazzan), shofar, oboe, trumpet (B), harp (amplified + effects), electric guitar and project – „Orte – Mekomot“
WP: 16.10.2015, Old Synagogue Stavenhagen, Assaf Levitin and Roy Amotz, Antje Thierbach, Damir Bacikin, Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir, Seth Josel, Matthias Engler
Duration: 15′

D’une femme, of a woman (2015)
for mezzo soprano and prepared piano (with toypiano) – text by Maia Brami
WP: 5.7.2015, Bad Kissinger LiederWerkstatt, Olivia Vermeulen and Axel Bauni
Duration: 9′

for baritone (with 2 voice recorders and casio mini synthesizer) and 10 instruments (piccolo, oboe, trumpet, bass clarinet, horn, trombone, viola, cello, prepared piano and percussion) – poem by Ron Winkler
WP: 22.8.2014, Festspiele Bregenz, Ensemble l’instant donné and guests – Academy Opus XXI
Duration: 15′

Flüchtiger Schnee (2013)
for soprano and prepared piano
WP: 26.10.2013, Schloss Wiepersdorf; Claudia van Hasselt and Malgorzata Walentynowicz
Duration: 7′

Vene’emar. Hashkivenu (2013)
for 2 male voices
WP: 6.10.2013, Berlin; Assaf Levitin and Amnon Seelig
Duration: 6′

Siebenfacher Trost (2013)
song cycle – for soprano, baritone, cornetto, lute, Cello, accordion, piano, percussion, and choir (ad libitum) – with new arrangements of seven songs from John Dowland’s “A Pilgrim’s Solace” and with translations and variations by Mirko Bonné
WP: 31.8.2013, Festival “Junge Kunst”, Volkenroda – with Barbara Steude, Hansjacob Staemmler, Michael Weilacher, Silke Lange and others; stage direction: Annette Jahns
Duration: 55′

Green (2011/2013)
Song – for soprano (with musical boxes), cello and piano (with melodica) – poem by Mirko Bonné
WP: 9.9.2014, unerhoerte Musik, Berlin, TrioKubik (Verena Rein, Stefanpaul)
Duration: 6′

Brief – Vokalise (2012) [letter – vocalise]
for soprano solo with ukulele
WP: 22.6.2012, Konzerthaus Berlin; Claudia van Hasselt
Duration: 5′

leer – empty (2011)
for 8 solo voices (SSAATTBB) with a poem by Emily Dickinson and a translation by Mirko Bonné
WP: 7.11.2011, Festival Wien Modern; Oxbridge Singers
Duration: 9′

Hoqueti (2011)
for six solo voices with additional instruments
WP: 16.10.2011, Donaueschinger Musiktage; Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Duration: 20′

TOV (2010)
for soprano, (soprano-)saxophone, prepared piano and percussion (based on the Israeli song „Hine ma tov“)
WP: 2011; Sarah Maria Sun, soprano and Trio accanto
Duration: 7′

startled grass (2010)
for soprano and piano with lyrics by Emily Dickinson
WP: 27.4.2010, Berlin; Gesa Hoppe, soprano and Heather O’Donnell, piano
Duration: 4′

…pour qu’il advienne (2009)
for mezzo soprano and prepared piano with lyrics by Maïa Brami
WP: 18.10.2009, Mannheim; Natalia Maiorova, mezzo soprano and Krista Kern, piano
Duration: 10′

Moon at Noon (2009)
for soprano and ensemble (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, harp and percussion) with lyrics by Emily Dickinson
WP: 20.9.2009, Festival „Musica“ Strasbourg; Francoise Kubler, soprano, ensemble „Accroche Note“
Duration: 21′

cherchée-cherchais (2008)
for baritone and prepared piano
WP: 9.7.2008, Berlin; Tomasz Wija, baritone, David Santos, piano
Duration: 11′

For a Frontier (2007)
2 Songs for mezzo soprano (alto) and piano with lyrics by Emily Dickinson
WP: 24.11.2007, Festival „Klangwerktage“, Kampnagel Hamburg; Denise Schönefeld, soprano, Stefan Paul, piano and Roksolana Chraniuk, alto, Mizuka Kano, piano
Duration: 11′

De Yukel à Sarah (2006)
for voice and ensemble (soprano, musical glasses, flute, violin, cello, contrabass, percussion, accordion and cymbalum)
WP: 30.9.2006, Festival „Musica“ Strasbourg; Francoise Kubler, soprano, Ensemble „Accroche Note“, Luigi Gaggero, cimbalom; conductor: Armand Angster
Duration: 11′

Theoretischer Text von Till Nikolaus von Heiseler [Theoretical Text by Till N. von Heiseler] (2004)
for one or more (not-)singers
WP: July 2005, Subway Berlin
Duration: any duration

Johanna Sebus (2002)
for soprano and piano (fragment by Franz Schubert)
WP: 14.02.2003, Hochschule for Music and Theatre Hanover; Laura Pohl, soprano, Ekaterina Sapega, piano
Duration: 6′

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