K’lipot (2023)
for four soloists (sax/e guit/keyb/drums) and large orchestra – part IV of the tetralogy TZIMTZUM
WP: 10. November 2023, Nikel ensemble, WDR orchestra, Peter Rundel
Duration: ca. 26′

Sacrifice. Suite (2016/2022)
for chamber orchestra/sinfonietta ( perc/hrp/keyboard/e guit/pno/strings) with electronics – based on the opera SACRIFICE (2016)
WP: 12.12.2022, Konzerthaus Vienna; Klangforum Wien
Duration: ca. 33′

Tikkun (2021)
for string orchestra ( with percussion (3) and tape and soloists (soprano saxophone, e guitar, keyboard and drumset) ad libitum – part III of the tetralogy TZIMTZUM
WP: version without soloists (strings and percussion only) October 2021, WDR Orchestra – WP version with soloists January 2022 Ensemble Resonanz and Ensemble Nikel, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Duration: ca. 16′
video short version strings and percussion only – WDR-Orchestra

black trees (2020)
for orchestra ( perc/ str. min.)
WP: 30.9.2020 (canceled due to Covid-19 – new date 11.5.2022), Theatre Gera; Philharmonic Orchestra Gera/Altenburg, conductor: Ruben Gazarian
Duration: ca. 20′

Reshimot (2020)
for four soloists (alto saxophone, e guitar, keyboard and drumset) and orchestra ( perc/2 hrp/pno/0 str!) – part I of the tetralogy TZIMTZUM
WP: 28.5.2020 (canceled due to Covid-19 – new date 8.4.2022), WDR Cologne; Nikel Ensemble, WDR Orchestra, conductor: Titus Engel
Duration: ca. 17′

En face (2018)
for large orchestra ( perc/str min. with percussion solo and narrator/actor (text by Bruno Schulz)
WP: 5.4.2019, Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus, Aleksander Wnuk and Jakob Diehl; conductor: Felix Bender
Duration: 33′

beyond its simple space (2018)
for harpsichord solo and baroque orchestra/ensemble (fl, bassoon, strings) – with electronics and objects
WP: 8.7.2018, Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO) and Petteri Pitko; Festival Time of Music Finland
Duration: ca. 21′

dropped.drowned (2017)
for large orchestra ( perc/strings min.
WP: 22.9.2017, Philharmonic orchestra Cottbus; conductor: Evan Christ
Duration: 17′

scattered ways (2015)
for large orchestra ( perc/toypiano+synth/strings min.
WP: 7.5.2015, Philharmonic orchestra Erfurt; conductor: Joana Mallwitz
Duration: 14′

SHESH (2014)
for (amplified) string orchestra (23 strings:
WP: 24.3.2014, Gasteig Munich, Orchester Jakobsplatz; conductor: Daniel Grossmann
Duration: 18′

Treppen im Meer (2006-2008/2012)
for orchestra ( perc/strings min.
WP: 4.6.2015, Staatstheater Erfurt; conductor: Clemens Schuldt
Peer Music Classical Hamburg
Duration: 30′

Kaleidoskop (2004)
for solo oboe, string orchestra (or string quintet) and harpsichord / version for chamber orchestra (2014)
WP: 7.10.2007, Festival „Zeit•punkt“ Hanover; Nikolaus Kolb, oboe, „Neues Ensemble” Hanover, conductor: Stephan Meier
WP new instrumentation (chamber orchestra) (2014): 9.10.2014, Staatstheater Erfurt, conductor: Joana Mallwitz
Duration: 12′
more about the piece

Helix (2004)
for orchestra
Duration: 15′


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